Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using CGPA

CGPA implies a Cumulative Grade Point Average. CGPA is the average of Grade Points acquired for all semesters and courses finished up to a given scholarly term, whereas the Grade Point Average (GPA) may just allude to one term. It is currently a typical type of imprints assessment system in numerous countries and the majority of the universities incline toward utilizing this system when contrasted with the percentage system. There is a slight difference from the real percentage yet you can get your genuine percentage from CGPA also utilizing Percentage to CGPA calculator on the web. 

Advantages Of CGPA System 

Eases The Pressure Off From The Students 

As of now, the students are under a ton of weight so as to do the best as indicated by their ability. When all is said in done, the degree system doesn’t concentrate on the students’ real scores in an official way along these lines, therefore, every single understudy isn’t isolated based on their imprints acquired. 

Learning Is Fun 

The fundamental detriment of the percentage strategy is that a significant number of the students are isolated from the average and beneath average students however it prompts serious weight among every single person who is going up against one another. The discovery that should be a pleasant errand, will stay a great undertaking on account of the CGPA system. 

Each Angle Gets Measured 

The CGPA system has had the option to present estimating the knowledge of the students dependent on the task’s interior assignments and their noting capacity in class. This implies the students are being made a decision about just based on their hypothetical knowledge yet in addition based on their general performance. 

Investigating The Qualities And Shortcomings 

This system gives the students a thought regarding their shortcomings and qualities as opposed to causing them to feel a better second rate than different students. Knowing roughly which subject their shaky areas are, the students can without much of a stretch settle on which parts they should concentrate on. 

Classification Of The Students

With the assistance of the system, it gets far simpler to classify the students for the educators and to order them into gatherings, for example, average, great, and beneath average ones, so the necessary measure of center can be given to them. Along these lines, the students who are not doing so well will be given more consideration. 

Disadvantages OF CGPA System 

Less Competition

With the CGPA system, the students’ primary center begins at accomplishing the base grades. Sp they feel there is no competition to be the best at something which may diminish the nature of learning. 


In the degree system, the understudy getting A has a score between 90 to 100 percent. Presently the understudy who has gotten 99 will be rendered equivalent to the person who has acquired 90 which is a piece demotivating. 

An Expanded Measure Of Dormancy 

Presently as a result of the CGPA system, the students really realize that they will have the option to pick up the degree with the assistance of assignments, undertakings, and participation. Therefore the students can perform well with the assistance of these exercises and some of the time they center around the tests somewhat less. 

Less Accurateness

The degree system has not had the option to show the precise checking of an individual and we can just pass judgment on the students based on the grades that they have accomplished rather than the exact capacity.