Best Yoga Poses To Make You Feel Grounded

Grounding is connecting with the earth both physically and spiritually. On a physical level, grounding involves practicing yoga poses that facilitate this connection to Earth, including legitimate techniques to guarantee a solid base – for instance, making sure all points of the feet are connected to the earth. 

Regardless of whether it’s a big deadline at work, relationship issues, holiday season hecticness, or some other stressor, life can certainly introduce difficulties that turn on our fight-or-flight reaction. This instinctual physiological pressure reaction can work well for us in life-threatening situations. The outcome? We become reactive instead of responsive, and our general mental and physical health endure a shot. Enter this solid, adjusted succession, designed to ground you even as life’s craziness swirls around you. Here are some Grounded Yoga Poses that you should attempt: 


Remain with your big toes touching and heels slightly separated. Lift your chest and roll your shoulders down your back, palms forward. Finish by adding the slightest fold to the chin (Jalandhara Bandha) and extend the crown of your head toward the sky. Find your Ujjayi Pranayama by breathing in and out through your nose while constricting your throat. Remain here for 5–10 breaths. 


Arrive at your arms straight forward and afterward cross your right elbow under the left, bringing your lower arms up and twisting through the wrists so your palms meet. Lift your elbows so they’re in line with your shoulders, and pull your lower arms forward as you glide your shoulders down the back. Shift your weight onto your right leg, and afterward inhale your left leg high up and over your right leg, wrapping your foot around the external edge of your right calf. At that point, sit down as profoundly as you can. Remain here for 5–10 breaths. 

Plank Pose 

Release your hands to the tangle and step your front foot back to come to High Plank: Place your feet hip-width separated and push your impact points toward the divider behind you. Spin your inner thighs up toward the ceiling, keeping your hips level with your shoulder bones. Stack your wrists under your shoulders and push the earth away from you while broadening your chest so you’re not rounding in the shoulder bones. Finally, pull the crown of your head forward as you fold your tailbone toward your heels and draw in your lower gut. Remain here for 5–10 breaths. 

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana 

On an inhalation, straighten your arms, lifting the chest and pulling the heart through the entryway of the arms. Flip the highest points of your feet to the tangle and drive each of the 10 toes back, hugging your external lower legs in, lifting your shins, and bringing your knees and thighs off the tangle. Do these actions during one inhalation, and remain here in Upward-Facing Dog for 3–5 breaths. 

Chaturanga Dandasana 

From Upward-Facing Dog, lower your midsection onto the tangle and fold your toes under so the bundles of your feet are on the tangle and your impact points are pressing toward the back divider. Lift your knees off the tangle, firm your thighs, and connect with your lower abdominal muscles. As you inhale, propel yourself up most of the way to Chaturanga. On your exhale, lower your midsection down to the tangle. Rehash 3–5 times to build the center and arm quality.