A flight to remember

As a child, I wanted to be an airplane pilot. The sight of airplanes roving through the sky made me squeal and jump in joy. As days passed and I grew up, I lost that interest in planes that I once had. I was involved in other things and my dream of becoming a pilot remained a childhood fantasy.

However, things changed one day miraculously. I got to fly an airplane finally. How did that happen? Read on to find out.

It was a cloudy day. I was sitting in the Los Angeles Airport Waiting Lounge waiting for the announcement for my flight. I was going to Vancouver at my cousin’s. 

The flight got delayed multiple times that day due to the weather. However, when the clouds cleared and the flight got chartered, I was on the plane with hope in my heart and headphones over my head. I was going to meet someone special in Canada. I was excited.

I had been to Canda before. There was confusion in the immigration process during my last flight to Canada. So, this time I made sure to check out all the information about Canada immigration online. Here is a website that gives you clear information about the various immigration programs and processes you need to know before going to Canada.

It was half an hour of the flight when the weather started to get bad. There was thunder and there was lightning. I had never been in such a situation.

In the next few minutes, the situation just got worse. Some of the passengers on the flight got terribly sick. There was something wrong with this flight. Nobody had a clue what it was. The flight attendees tried to calm us down but it was getting out of control. Soon, the cabin got filled with panicked passengers.

To add to the worse situation, there was this announcement on the PA stating that one of the pilots had lost his consciousness. The pilot needed help and asked if any of the passengers knew about aeronautics. 

Now, I wasn’t willing to be a pilot, but I did have an interest in aeronautics. I had done my research on the internet and learned a few things. I had even flown a plane as a trial. This was my chance to bring this knowledge to use.

I volunteered to help the pilot in the cockpit. There were so many levers and buttons in the cockpit. I knew about some of them. But, this time I had got the chance to use these levers and buttons. 

I followed the instruction of the pilot, sitting on the co-pilot’s seat and flew the plane to safety in one of the nearby airfields. That was one of the best experiences of my life. I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would fly a passenger plane. But, as life gives you the best shocks and surprises, this was one of those things. And that is how the flight from Lof Angeles to Vancouver became a flight to remember.