Adventure sports in the UAE

Sports are a very important part of everyone’s life. It helps in the maintenance of good health, build stamina and improve mental skills. Traditional sports are competitive that includes football, racing, cycling, wrestling, hockey, tennis, etc. Adventure sports are risky and involve excitement. In the United Arab Emirates, people usually like adventurous sports as they are bold and indulge in hazardous activities. Dubai is one of the cities people like to enjoy their vacation and where the most exciting and thrilling sports take place. Some of the adventure sports in the UAE that people usually like are Dune Bashing, Sandboarding, Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Shark diving, Flyboarding, Racing, Jet skiing, Desert Safari, Quad Biking, etc. Let us discuss some of the above-listed sports with its thrills and adventure activity.

1.Sandboarding: One of the best adventure sports you can enjoy with your friends is sandboarding, as the city is situated in the desert. You can experience and enjoy thrills by sliding yourself on the sandy desert. What you have to do is slide your snowboard from the tallest dune and glide down enjoying the cracks of sand hitting you.

2.Dune Bashing and Desert Safari: Dune Bashing is the same as the sandboarding sporty game where you have to crush the dune with your SUV instead of the snowboard. The thrill is enjoyed by speeding up your car in the terrain desert, busing the dune and balancing it. It is also a family sport and I liked the most when I was in Dubai. I took my SUV along with my friends in the Lahbab desert for the first time. It was terrible and a memorable safari to drive in the dune. I’m glad to have got my car insured from the best car insurance companies in the UAE. It was a friend of mine who suggested a list of the best car insurance companies in the UAE and I chose the one from the list that I thought was the best.

3.Bungee Jumping: Bungee Jumping has a world record in Dubai. It is in the top list of most adventurous sports. It requires huge courage, mental preparation and spirit to perform. In bungee jumping, you are connected to a long elastic rope and you have to jump from a great height. It is my personal experience that when you prepare for the bungee jump, your heart must be strong to accept the challenge.

4.Skydiving: Skydiving is a furious, quick and thrilling experience that you can find within a short time. You are taken to a Skydiving plane to a height and allowed to jump freely. It challenges your fear when you are falling-free from a height of 13,000 ft at a speed of nearly 200 kilometres per hour. In skydiving, there are some eligibility criteria you must obtain like the minimum age must be 18 years and weight must not exceed 100 kilograms.

5.Shark Diving: Dubai is a city of dreams where unimaginable activities take place. There are large and futuristic shopping malls with adventure activities like shark diving. It contains a huge tank aquarium where you are in a cage allowed to swim with the shark. Some of the marine lovers participate to get a closer look at the shark and study the emotions.

Here I have discussed some of my personal experience in adventure sports and I advise you to go through such adventure sports activities in the UAE according to your standard.