Caption It Right!

                                                                 How to Get Famous on Instagram

Okay, so we are living in the Instagram ,Facebook and Snapchat era. Millenials of the world are obsessed with social media and also, they are obsessed with their presence on it. I happen to attend a wedding recently, a big fat Indian wedding at that and wherever I went, whatever I saw was happening for social media, be it the groom’s grand entrance, be it the larger than life decor, be it the the selfie corner, be it the bride’s quirky entrance, be it the performances on the stage, everything was happening in a fun filled and extra ordinary way. I could guess by the likes of it that this was being done to garner likes on social media or to get viral. It was so interesting to see that during the nuptials, the bride was live on Facebook! I took a gasp and realized that how important is social media. So, I decided to take matters into my hands and level up in my social media game, especially Instagram as I particularly enjoy it more. I took the help of my fourteen year old niece, who had about three hundred thousand followers,by the way(she said that she isn’t satisfied with the number of followers) . She gave me certain tips to follow to make my Instagram presence felt.

  1. Content is king– This is first advice she gave me, as long as we serve a plausible and interesting content, people will be attracted to our profiles. My niece is a fashion influencer (that’s what we call people who are famous on this platform), she showcases her fashion sense online- shows how to style clothes differently, for teenagers(her fashion sense has always been marvelous). People do appreciate her sense of style and they even applaud her for being out of the league. I professed my desire to make relatable content and I wanted to reach out to people who needed help, so she guided me to make videos with relatable content which also holds a social message.
  2. Hashtags– Instagram is a game of hashtags because more the hashtags, it will have a better reach to the people, especially to the people who search for keywords on this platform.
  3. Aesthetically pleasing– As this platform is perceived from our sight, it should be aesthetically pleasing. Pretty decors, beautiful  grids,great clothes, amazing make up etc are very important to be included in your posts in order to be recognized in the ‘Insta’ world.
  4. Choosing correct captions– Whenever we post pictures or stories, the caption plays a huge part in making the post stand out, so the caption should be meaningful, appropriate and relatable. Choosing a caption can be a pain so my niece recommended me to log on to to look for something good.
  5. Engaged– The key to be famous on this platform is to keep your audience engaged, that is, keep on posting stories or on news feed to make your presence felt to the the people who follow you.
  6. Keep trying new things– Try to post stories or publish news feed about something new , that obviously includes you. For example, if you have tried a new restaurant, post a review about it, so that the people who follow you know that where to eat and what to eat.

After taking the advice of my fourteen year old niece, I realize that despite being an adult, I need to learn so much more and this Instagram is such a great platform to spend your time. In fact, I connected with my long lost friends too. What a great way to reminisce the past , live in the present and think about the future!