Countries Where Laws Are Very Strict For Everyone

There are countries were living your life can feel very restricted and you may not be able to survive for a long time there if you belong to some free nation that has not so harsh rules for people. Countries like the United States, Russia, Australia, United Kingdom, and India have a very free culture and people here can live according to their own rules. However, there are certain nations that impose strict laws on their people and do not allow them to live and move freely. Some of these kinds of nations are listed below.

United Arab Emirates

Everyone talks about the lavish lifestyle, delicious food, and heavy paychecks when they know about UAE, but apart from this, there are many restrictions on their natives and even for the travelers. People who are living there are definitely hearing high paychecks compared to other nations, don’t think it’s true? Well, use the UAE Salary Calculator and know the difference yourself. But, no one will tell you that while taking a selfie on the road you are not allowed to capture any women, otherwise, you will be fined or put behind the bars. Many people are hired as slaves and their passports were acquired by the companies so that they cannot go anywhere. There are even restrictions to many websites and with low entertainment levels on television.

Saudi Arabia

While Saudi Arabia has as of late brought down their window ornaments and clustered with the remainder of the world, the nation is still profoundly established parents in law that originated from religion and convention. Social laws, which generally apply to ladies, are harsh. For instance, ladies are not permitted to drive or be with a man who is certainly not a family member or go out openly in easygoing garments. Web access is confined and news sources are firmly watched. Senior editors can get terminated and captured on the off chance that they permit to distribute or communicate any substance that says something negative about the public authorities. 


Cuba is primarily projected as a top holiday destination on the planet. Be that as it may, behind its haven seashores and hip-moving Latin music, Cuba is as yet a socialist country and the individuals who revolt against the public authority are consistently in a tough situation. The web is screened consistently and authors who post enemies of government estimations will probably confront prison time in the event that they get captured. Cubans realize how to gather and they know their liquor. 


Singapore might be little, yet the public authority’s firm usage of their guidelines and arrangements on local people and travelers the same are steps higher contrasted with different nations in this rundown. Any off-base move will cost somebody a fine. Spitting openly has a fine. Smoking out in the open will push you into genuine difficulty. Wearing some unacceptable dress when going out will land you in prison. One can possibly realize how rigid the Singaporean government is when managing genuine violations. 

North Korea

The lone country today that is still absolutely Communist, North Korea acknowledges travelers from different countries other than South Korea and the United States. Everything is constrained by the organization, from TV, radio, and print. Web access is simply allowed to the decision first class and even their online exercises are carefully checked. North Korea likewise has an exacting design code, for instance, ladies are not permitted to wear jeans and men should trim their hair at regular intervals.