FIFA Party is On!

Amanda, Sophie and Janice are best of friends and they study in the same high school. These girls are glamorous , beautiful, fashionable and the most popular girls in the school, they have a way of getting things done by the click of a finger or by just opening their mouth. Also, these three belong to very rich and affluent families and thus, they have a habit of fulfilling their desires by waving their credit cards or by talking to their daddy dearest. Naturally, these girls were rowdy, obnoxious, mean and not so indulged in their studies. Their focus is clothes, shoes, makeup and boys, they are even considered bullies by many students of the school  as they bully weak students, comment on people and hurt the feelings of their school mates.

A week after the school started, a beautiful young girl joined the school, her name Ana, she started gaining a lot of attention as she was very beautiful. Moreover, she was a kind girl too, she liked helping her school mates and teachers too. Slowly, it was clear that she was talented too, she joined the dance team of the school and the team started winning at various competitions and eventually she gained a lot of popularity because of her enigmatic personality. While she herself was being just what she was and she never really craved the attention on the other hand Amanda, Sophie and Janice grew jealous of her. She was a simple girl, she wore simple clothes and no makeup at all, also she belonged to a middle class family but she was the favorite of the students and teachers alike. She was a hard worker and did very well in studies along with her co-curricular activities. She was also friends with four girls who liked her for who she was, not for what she had. Her friends were Katrina, Jesse, Charlice and Mona(Amanda’s twin), they used to do everything together- eat lunch together, hang out after school, group study, etc. These five girls became the talk of the school as they were very active in anti-bullying campaigns and many other social causes.

Amanda , Sophie and Janice could not tolerate the fact that these girls were taking all the attention ,they hated that they were loosing their popularity, so they thought of a plan to sabotage Ana’s reputation. They messed up the costumes and props of the drama department and left Ana’s bag there so that it seemed that she did it and eventually the drama department fined her for all the damage which, she had to pay unwillingly. The girls wrote dirty messages in the washroom for other girls in Ana’s handwriting and left Ana’s markers in the washroom. Ana had to face detention for the same without any clue. It was Ana’s birthday and she decided to throw a party for the whole school, she invited everybody but Amanda announced a party at her home(as Mona told her about Ana’s party). Ana was dissapointed thinking that no one would show up at her party, but she made arrangements anyway, she brought pizzas, soda, chips, dips, music and opened FIFA on her laptop. She also opened  fifa mobile coins for everyone to help in the game and to her surprise, every one came to her party. On the other hand, Amanda’s party was a flop as only a handful of people showed up and even those people went to Ana’s party after a while. Mona later on confronted her twin Amanda that her move to sabotage Ana’s reputation was an absolutely pathetic attempt because now people hate Amanda even more because of her behavior and bully nature. Amanda was just upset and realized that she might have been wrong.

As it is said that pulling someone down will never help you reach the top, is the scenario with Amanda, Janice and Sophie as by trying to pull Ana down, they garnered nothing but hatred and despise for themselves. It is better to accept reality and move on.