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Teaching as a profession isĀ  very rewarding and satisfying, you get to see the young ones budding into loving, caring and passionate individuals. It is a joy to see the students you have taught turning into responsible, mature adults. Teaching little children can be a handful as well mindful, because handling children of such age is a little complicated as these children are at such stage that they pick up habits of their teachers and friends very quickly. As a teacher, certain points should be take care of:

  1. Be careful of your language: The kind of language used can leave a major impact on a child’s mind and they can pick it up easily, so make sure that you choose your words wisely. Make a rule in your class about usage of correct language.
  2. Make your classes fun: Little learners have a very short attention span and hence, they tend to loose focus. So, to grab their attention and keep them interested, introduce some fun ways to learn. Learning by doing and subject related activities are a great way to keep your adorable darlings attentive.
  3. Keep your children engaged: It is very important to engage your students in various activities so that the kids do not get distracted easily and they enjoy their class time.
  4. Focus on good habits: Besides from studies, the students should be taught to follow good habits like cleaning hands before eating, using cutlery to eat, not picking up their noses, use handkerchief when they sneeze, etc.
  5. Tell them the importance of good and healthy food: Junk food might seem an easy way out and tastier, but in the long run, healthy food is way more beneficial. Let your students know that healthy food can be tasty too, also it is available in stores near them- the information can be obtained from Also, tell your kids the benefits of eating healthy food.
  6. Include sports in the curriculum: A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and just like education, sports is equally important, so make sure that some kind of sports activities are being inculcated in the curriculum in order to promote a healthy body.
  7. Encourage to participate: In a class, there are some students who are very active and engaged, but some are shy and reserved, these students might need a little motivation to open up.
  8. Teach them to be kind: The first and foremost trait a child should develop is to be kind, kind towards their classmates, towards their teacher, towards their parents, towards animals and basically, everyone. Conduct activities in groups which will lead to children helping each other and thus, they will inculcate the habit of helping people in need.
  9. Be respectful: Teach your students to be respectful to each other and to their elders. Respecting others is the greatest virtue.
  10. Listen: Make sure that you listen to what your students have to say, they might be trying to convey something important.
  11. Have patience: Having a handful of kids might be a challenge to your patience level, but being calm and composed is really important as your toddlers make a lasting impression of you on their minds.
  12. Love them as your child: The little cuties are a part of your life and loving and nurturing them is a part of your job. These kids can be a handful, but surely you will grow attached to them as they love unconditionally and do not ask anything in return.

“A teacher effects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”-Henry B. Adams