Snowy furry Indian Spitz

Imagine dogs applying to be a part of people’s families through a resume, this case scenario would be absolutely hilarious yet adorable. So, while still running through my imagination, I received a resume of the cutest dog ever, that is, an Indian Spitz. Let’s go through the resume

Indian Spitz

Introduction: Hi , I am an Indian Spitz, looking for a forever family who will love , pamper and spoil me. I am friendly and very protective of my family. I love to play with small children because I am friendly, and I love being active. I am  nimble and I enjoy jumping and going from one place to another. I am high spirited and well aware about my surroundings.

I need to be trained well enough,that is, I need to perform activities again and again at a particular time so that I can become used to of  a proper pattern. For instance, setting my meal timings, playing, walking, and other daily activities. This will help me learn discipline and be a good dog. I can be your non-verbal best friend. I am sure that I will give you  multiple reasons to be proud of me, and all your friends will be tempted to touch and play with me and forget all the worries. I can help you humans to stay jolly and tranquil . I can make people balance their temperament because of my cute and loving nature.

My origin: I have originated from the constant breeding of the German spitz by the Britishers in the nineteenth century.

My appearance: I have a lovely double-coated fur , which if often milky white or brown. I have greenish or bluish eyes . I have sharp, pointed, fox-like ears.  My weight ranges from five to seven kilograms, and my height ranges from twenty to twenty two centimetres. My tail  is curled over my back and I am fluffy as the fur on my entire body.  I am sharp-minded and intelligent but not cunning like a fox.

My pliability : I am a pliable dog because I need to survive the Indian climate. I can easily adjust with my family or caretakers. I do not face any problems with space, that is,  I am equally comfortable ,active, happy and enthusiastic in a small house as well as in a large mansion.

My nutritional needs : I generally consume non-vegetarian food items like fish and meat. But I also like to have small quantities of rice with milk in a clean and tidy bowl . I thoroughly enjoy eating broccoli, apples, pumpkin, and carrot. I hate eating salty and tangy food. I need to have proper good quality food at least once a day and for the rest of the meals I enjoy the food I mentioned above to maintain my good health.

Miscellaneous information: I love wearing warm clothes in winters. I love to be taken care of just like human beings: with care, love and adequate affection. I love to spend time with my family members, I love to talk to them, play with them, go on walks with them and snuggle with them while sleeping.

Such an impressive resume, is it possible to reject this cute canine? I don’t think so! This adorable ball of fur is definitely going to be a part of my family!