Is Birth Certificate An Important ID Proof For Passport

Passport is an important id proof that everyone must-have if you are willing to travel across the globe. Just like any other document which is a valid id proving your identity, a passport can also be used to prove your identity that you belong to a particular country. 

Having a passport made earlier was a very time-consuming operation, requiring all the documentation to be correct. According to the passport regulations, for all candidates who were born after 26 January 1989, the date of the birth certificate had to be issued as evidence of the date of birth, along with the documentation needed for the passport. A birth certificate has many more advantages as well as it can be used in verifying your age at a certain point in life. Some exams also ask you questions regarding your birth date or someone else’s birth date like what year was i born if im 18 at a certain year at a certain period of time.

However, given the problems encountered by people due to minor errors in the birth certificate, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs initiated a variety of amendments to the documentation necessary for a passport in December 2016, the most notable of which was the abolition of the provision for a compulsory birth certificate for a passport.

Documents Required Apart From Birth Certificate

Apart from the date of the birth certificate, there are a bunch of important documents that can be submitted as valid id proof in acquiring the passport from the authority. Here are some of the major documents apart from birth certificates.

Certificate of Transfer / University Certificate: 

Among the documentation needed for a passport, now this plays a key role, as it preserves the full identification and particulars of the applicant, in particular the DOB. 

Aadhar Card Certificate: 

As the Aadhar card is being used for all the other lawful reasons, it is also one of the necessary documents for the passport, as it includes both the biometric information and the DOB, including all the information required for the passport. 

PAN Number/Card: 

The PAN card issued by the IT division can be used for the DOB rather than the standard birth certificate for the passports. 

Records Of Service: 

For all persons serving in the state, a duplicate of the pension and employment history can be given as a DOB proof of the documentation needed for the passport. 

ID Of The Voter: 

The electoral commission shall issue the Electoral Photo Identification Card, and it is one of the necessary documents for the passports, but which must have the DOB to be available together with the passport application.

The Last Verdict

Now the birth certificate alone is no longer the only date proof of your birthplace, time, country, and day. You can even utilize the above-listed documents for the creation of a passport. Some time back the date of birth certificate was the only mandatory document for the creation of a passport but now the new government has made some new provisions for the benefit of people so that they can access the passport services without any delay due to the documentation.

To know about the passport application rules and regulations you can follow up with their official website and read out all the important information regarding the creation of a passport and the list of documents required for that purpose. The official website has everything you will need to know about the process.