Preparing For New Pet Arrival

Are you planning to get a British Shorthair Kitten for your home? If so, there are a few things that you must take into consideration and prepare before you get your pet in. A kitten is a particularly inquisitive animal and will see man things around the home as toys. You should spend a little time before your kitten arrives to make sure that everything is safe for them.

Things to think about before introducing your new cat or kitten:

  • Do not leave sinks full of water as a kitten could easily drown.
  • Never leave pans, grills, toasters unattended when in use.
  • Cooking hobs which have just been used will stay hot for some time and could badly scald your cat.
  • Washing and drying machines hold a particular fascination for cats especially a warm dryer! Always check where your cat is before starting your washer or dryer.
  • Consider purchasing cleaning agents that are safe for animals.
  • Always keep the toilet seat down.
  • Never leave a bathroom door open when there is a bath full of scalding water for your cat to fall in to.
  • Check that any house plants you have are not poisonous to cats.
  • Think about leads and cables from TVs and particularly computers. Cats love to play with these and there are obvious dangers from them pulling equipment down on themselves or even electrocution. It may be wise to re-site the computer or buy a special conduit to keep the leads safe.
  • Open fires should be protected by a fireguard.
  • Small items that you previously thought nothing of leaving lying around must be put away (sewing equipment, needles, etc).
  • If you live in an apartment, please do consider open windows and balconies and the safety of your cat. It may be worth considering mesh guards if necessary.
  • Make sure that any chemicals you use in the house or garden are stored away from their reach and that your cat is kept away from them during their use.

Kitten Care And Training

Although your breeder will have done some work with the kitten, you must ensure that you continue to put some time in with your kitten and ensure that they are litter trained, properly socialized so that they do not bite or scratch when played with and also that they do not scratch your furniture.

Both the litter box and scratching post should be kept in a permanent place. Most British shorthair kittens are naturally very clean and will use the litter tray from the first day (as long as you take care to show them where it is). If they do have an accident, lift them immediately to the tray and they will soon get the idea.

If you find that your kitten wants to scratch (perhaps at a favorite chair) they should immediately be put on the scratching post. They will soon learn that it is fine to use this and not your furniture.

The best punishment for a kitten who bites and scratches is to stop playing and ignore them. This would be the way that they would be punished within the litter and they will soon learn that unacceptable behavior gets them ignored and that is no fun! Stick to your guns and your kitten will soon learn. Spending a little time at the early stages to train your kitten will reward you with a lifetime companion who is a pleasure to have around the house.