Sunset aura quartz – How useful are they?

Aura quartz are clear quartz with metallic coating on them. There are many types of aura quartz and the Sunset aura quartz is one of them. It is a new addition to the enhanced group of crystals of aura quartz. This precious tumble stone belongs to the Titanium aura group of stones that is to say that the crystal used in this quartz is gorgeously made of Titanium but sometimes to bring further enhancement or to develop the color, a small amount of other rare metals such as gold, niobium or platinum is added into it.

Aura quartz heals and soothes itself to provide a relaxing effect on the emotional body of the person who owns it. They are very beneficial for releasing negativity and stress and heal old wounds. They are also said to be very helpful to someone who is suffering from fatigue.

This aura quartz is believed to relieve warm nurturing vibration. It symbolizes the fact that every day is a new day and every day we can step toward something new positive and invoke change for the greater good. With this aura quartz, you can use the divine inspiration to manifest a change of your own.

This aura quartz brings manifestations into reality by purifying and aligning the entire chakric field. It opens the heart chakra and the crown chakra and activates the accrual and solar plexus. The aura provides a shield of protection to the metal and spiritual body. It enables you to perceive the world with new perspectives and experience positive transformation, self-awareness, creativity, confidence, passion, mental focus, confidence, and joy.

The aura also provides various metaphysical properties to the body by connecting all the chakras and stimulating the sacral and solar plexus. It raises the energy vibration to whoever holds it. It upgrades the outlook on life to positivity. It brings focus and a sense of well-being to the center of awareness, allowing one to be more creative in their thoughts and actions, aids in programming, and amplifies intentions. Meditating with this crystal helps recognize which patterns are restricting growth and transformation into your dream reality. It purifies and brightens the auric field and usher in a glorious new day.

It is said that treating a quartz crystal with a fusion of gold creates a very stunning spectrum of hues that brightens the related aura with metaphysical properties that is proved to be very impressive.

The proper way to check the purity of quartz is to place the quartz into a vacuum of 1600 degrees Fahrenheit and then the vaporized metal is pushed through the chamber and sticks out there. This Sunset aura quartz is mainly identified by its various marks that differentiate it from any other aura. Most likely, this aura has imperfections on the small surface, marks that are mostly generated by rubbing of a crystal, minute impact marks, as well as some scratching marks, etc. The approximate size of this aura quartz is medium and it ranges from 20-25mm and weighs approximately 8 grams.