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Anthony is a happy man with an amazing family, he has a beautiful wife Elizabeth and two lovely little twin daughters. Anthony is the kind of man who is happy with what he has, he is not at all greedy and he is eternally grateful to god for the life he has. He is a clerk in a local bank and his wife is a housewife, she takes care of her lovely little daughters Fiona and Diana. Fiona and Diana are three years old, about to be four and hence, they have to start going to school soon. Although Elizabeth is an intelligent woman(she teaches a lot of things to her girls at home,herself), they still need a proper education. Anthony grew worried by the minute that how will he able to afford the school fees of the girls, so Elizabeth suggested that she will work as well, meanwhile, they can leave the girls with their grandmother, Elizabeth’s mom. Both of them agreed to this engagement and Elizabeth started searching for an appropriate job for herself, after crazily searching for months at end, she got the job of a receptionist in a company. Both of them were relieved that now Anthony was not the sole bread winner of the family, but both of them were equally sad that they will not be able to spend quality time with the girls, but this was inevitable, as to ensure a good future for their girls, the parents had to do this.

Two months after both of them started working, Elizabeth received a call from her mother, but she did not receive it, citing work issues going on then, the grandmother of the twins then called Anthony , but to no avail. She kept on calling both of them and Elizabeth had to pick out while excusing herself, she froze as soon as she picked up the call, her mother sounded frantic and she was crying hysterically, she inquired her mother as to what was wrong but all she could hear was her crying noises, she obviously understood that something was wrong and she needed to be home this very minute, so she called her husband, took an off and rushed home. As soon as she arrived home, she didn’t expect to see an ambulance there, she rushed to see what had happened, she couldn’t believe her eyes, her little doll Fiona was unconscious and was not moving. Just then, Anthony arrived too, he froze at that moment but then quickly asked the paramedics to take Fiona to the hospital and gave them consent to thoroughly check her.

Elizabeth picked up crying Diana and rushed towards her car, meanwhile Anthony accompanied Fiona in the ambulance. When they reached the hospital, Fiona was taken into the emergency room and several tests were done on him, meanwhile her family was praying for her. The doctor came out of the room and asked Anthony to submit an amount of five thousand dollars for further testing, he somehow arranged it and deposited the amount. The doctor after eleven hours of testing told the family that Fiona was suffering from leukemia and she needed treatment immediately, she needed chemotherapy. Anthony was devastated that hisĀ  little daughter was so sick, he was even more worried about the kind of money this treatment required. He inquired the doctors about the funds, to which the doctor suggested him sweepstakewin.com . Anthony reached out to them and they told their process, after following it, he was able to give his daughter the treatment she needed.

Fiona is now receiving her chemotherapy sessions and is a happy and jolly girl again. Although she is weak but she is recovering.