Tips to find your perfect online BFF

When it comes to finding online BFF on apps like Bumble BFF, it can be the subtle little things that contribute to your success. Unfortunately, little mistakes can have the opposite effect and result in your failure in finding your online BFF. Since Bumble BFF is the top app in this category, you can use these tips in the app to make your online BFF hunt a success. These tips can help you avoid these mistakes and give you a proper understanding of how does Bumble BFF work.

  1. Expecting perfection in your best friend is a way to ensure failure, even before you begin. If you expect perfection, you will narrow down the field considerably, and potentially miss out on the opportunity of meeting some truly great person. Every time that someone doesn’t measure up to your high standards, you just set yourself up for disappointment every time. You need to make a decision… accept that people aren’t perfect and get over it or give up on the dating game and spare yourself the hassle.
  2. There is a BIG difference between being confident, cocky, charming and funny, and being totally arrogant. Being arrogant makes you come across as being a total jerk. This applies to any messages, emails, or phone calls with a person, as well as face to face meetings. Being arrogant does not work, so don’t try it on.
  3. The best policy with all your interactions online or otherwise is honesty. The trouble with lying to your probable BFF, apart from the obvious moral issues, is that you need to have a very good memory to keep up the charade for any length of time. And at the end of the day, what does it really achieve… a temporary boost to your ego? The potential for the lie to back-fire and blow-up in your face is simply not worth it.
  4. It is pretty obvious that if you just accept that nobody (including you) is perfect, focus on being a confident person rather than arrogant, and be honest at all times, to yourself and to all others you relate to, your success with finding a BFF online is inevitable. 
  5. The biggest mistake you can make is to talk about things that are boring and predictable. So don’t be talking about the weather, your mother, which school you went to or where you grew up. Be DIFFERENT from all the other guys. Be interesting, intriguing, unpredictable, and funny.
  6. If you are getting touch with a girl to be your BFF, tease her about something in a funny, playful way. Show her that you are not intimidated by her, or needy, clingy or hung-up on getting her approval (like most of the wussy guys that she talks to). Talk to her about some interesting places that you have traveled to or that you want to go to in the future. Also, talk about some great recipes that you have cooked, fine wine, or celebrities getting themselves in trouble (again). There are tonnes of interesting topics that you could bring up… just plan ahead and jot down some of the things that come to mind and use them later on in emails or face to face meetings.

 I hope these tips will help you to find the best friend forever that you’ve been searching for on apps like Bumble BFF. Hopefully, you’ve learned how does Bumble BFF work and how you could use it to find your Best Friend Forever.