Why Is My Dog The Cutest Animal On Earth

One of the things that all my friends agree with is the fact that my dog is one of the best they have seen in their life. I have a Labrador, named Mickey. He is not just awesome, he is awesome to a whole new level. Here is why I love my dog and you too wouldn’t hold yourself back from doing the same.

1. He is a superhero

One of the best things I know about Mickey is that he is brave. He can go to any extent when it comes to saving the people or animal friends he loves. I got to know about this when I saw him for the very first time. It was the Christmas of 2017. I was excited to bring home my new dog from my cousin’s place.

They had a labrador squad and they were willing to give me one of the newborn labradors. While all the other puppies were hesitant in approaching me, I was really surprised to see one of the pups come up to me without any hesitation. That was when I saw his bravery for the first time.

On another instance, Mickey had saved a young girl from drowning. It was a picnic day. We were near a lake. There was this girl who had accidentally gotten into the lake. As she was shouting for help, I rushed to the spot. Mickey saw me running and understood what had to be done. He jumped into the lake and dragged the girl to safety.

2. He is a sweetheart

Mickey is the most compassionate dog I have seen in my life. On one occasion when one of my cousins accidentally hurt a squirrel with a baseball, he was the first to come to its rescue. While we were trying to help the poor animal with basic first aid, he was there licking the animal trying to help him recover from the shock.

I have never before seen an animal so compassionate about another animal. He is the best.

3. You don’t need a friend when you have him.

There are things that you can share only with your dog. Unlike humans, they will pay attention to you very eagerly and not judge you. Whenever I talk to Mickey, I always feel that he understands me. He is a friend I wouldn’t find in a human. I am sure you will feel the same way about him. There is so much I could tell you about him. But, let’s just say I don’t need another friend in the world when I have Mickey.

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