Car Racing Games

Racing games have given adrenaline rush to humans for ages. People have been driven crazy by offline racing games back from the late 1800s. Its popularity since then has been tremendous that today you can have all types of car racing in real life and the most sophisticated Car Racing Games online. The idea behind the car racing games on different consoles and platforms are on the real-life car racing.

Over the century, many forms of racing cars were internationally developed. Different shapes, sizes, and speeds of cars were utilized all for the sake of fun and adventure. Car race fanatics would not always find time in watching car racing in real life. In fact they have their own bet and sometimes would fight for their favorite driver.

Today watching is not enough for these fanatics. They are capable already of participating in car racing games online together with their favorite drivers. Instead of just watching them and their remarkable maneuver, fanatics can do it themselves with lots of choices and options. They become fanatics not only for the real game but for the mind creation of the developer- the online car racing game.

Let us take a look at the different Car Racing Games where the idea of the online game was derived. Kinds of car racing include: stock car racing, open-wheel racing, off-road racing, sports car racing, and drag racing. All these utilize different cars but with similar rules- the first one to reach the finish line wins.

In Stock Car Racing, the National Association of Stock Car Racing or NASCAR is known for its premier series. It is considered to be a big business in the US. It is prevalent on local short tracks even dirt tracks across the country. It has been watched all over the world and its popularity will continue to flourish as long as there are fanatics and supporters out there.

In the Open Wheel Racing, lightweight and single-seater cars are being used with cars and the wheels found outside the car frame. This type of race produces much higher speeds compared to stock cars. This is due to the ratio of the engine power to the vehicle weight. This also involved a high degree of technical engineering. Formula One is an international series for open-wheel racing that has a road course for the venue.

In the off-road racing, it includes the racing using the off-road conditions. Vehicles involved are usually modified and specialized for their off-road terrain. This prevalent not only I North America but in Australia as well. SCORE International is a known major off-road racing organization founded by Mickey Thompson.

Sports Car racing usually competes in road courses in enclosed race tracks. This is the most popular car racing in various countries worldwide. It uses prototype cars like Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, and Jaguar. Drag racing Car Racing on the other hand involves aerodynamic wings and high powered engines of specialized cars.

There is no doubt that car racing will always remain the favorite of people among all platforms of online as well as offline racing games. And, as technology advances better platforms of virtual car racing games will come into existence.






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