How can i say yes without saying yes

You’re at work and your boss says, “Could you do this for me?” What do you say? It’s tempting to say yes. But the problem with saying yes is that it makes you feel like a doormat. If you say yes all the time, people will take advantage of that fact and keep asking more from you (or worse). Instead of saying yes, try one of these seven strategies:

What can I say instead of yes?

In place of the word “yes,” you can say any of the following:

  • Sure.
  • Of course.
  • Absolutely! (Especially if asked to do something that is not a big deal.)
  • I will (if it’s an action). *I agree.* *I will do my best.*

How do you say yes?

  • With a smile. Smiling is an easy way to show you’re happy and engaged in the conversation. When someone asks if you want something, just give them your best smile and say “yes!” The more enthusiastic your response, the better—even if it seems fake at first. Eventually, you’ll start feeling more genuine about your positive attitude toward life and other people.
  • With an exclamation point (you know, like this one!). Instead of a simple “yes” or “no,” try saying “Yes!” with gusto: Your enthusiasm will draw attention from others around you who might have otherwise ignored such a bland reply as simply “yes.”
  • With a thumbs up or fist bump—or even with an actual high five! You can also add excitement by using hand gestures like this while responding positively to questions or requests made by others; they’ll feel appreciated knowing that their request was worth getting excited about (and maybe even contagious).

How do you say yes differently?

Yes, I do. Yes, of course. Yes, yes, yes!

Yes is an easy word to say and an even easier one to hear, especially if it’s followed by “I will” or “of course.” But what if you want to say no but feel like you can’t? One way is by saying yes—but with a twist on each word so that it literally means “no.” While these phrases won’t fool anyone who knows your code for sure (you can still hear the reluctance in your voice), they’ll provide enough confusion for anyone who doesn’t speak fluent “say-no” fluently.

Can you say sure instead of yes?

If you’re prone to saying “yes” when perhaps you should say “no,” try a different way of talking. Instead of saying “yes,” say, “sure.”

You can also change the wording, such as saying: “That sounds like a great idea.”

If there’s another word that starts with N that means yes, maybe you could use it instead. For example: nebulous (neb-yoo-lus) means vague or unclear; nimble (nim-bl) means light on your feet; and nefarious (nen-e-fi-er-us) means evil or villainous. You could try using these instead of just giving an affirmative response to everything! This is one way how can I say ‘No’ without actually saying ‘No.’


So, you’re all set to go out there and be the best yes-woman (or man) out there! Remember that saying yes doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything. You can still say no when necessary and stand up for your values. It’s all about finding the right balance between being assertive without coming off as pushy or rude. Try Yes no Dice.






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