Major Applications Banned By The Indian Government

Some time back Indian Government took the initiative to ban all the chinese applications from the Indian market and following this ban some of the major applications got banned that were loved by the people of India. Although it was a good step to ban all these applications, some of the applications were used by people to earn money. Major applications that were banned by the Indian Government are listed below.

Pubg Mobile

Pubg was the highest played a game in India with a lot of gamers who did live streaming of the game on youtube, discord, and Facebook. Many people got fame after playing this game like Dynamo, Mortal, and many more. This game was launched in the year 2017 but it became the highest downloaded game from the google play store and app store. Tencent who was the maker of this game tried to bring back the game into Indian market but the Indian government refused this offer and now it is completely banned in India. However, Call Of Duty took the place of Pubg recently and people are now shifting to this game.


Tiktok became the most used social media application for users who wanted to create lip-sync videos basically. Here people tried to deliver the most famous dialogues with a twist and this is what made tik tok a huge success in India. Many people got games because of this application who were not known before like Wish Rathod, Manjul Khattar, Mr. Faisu, and many more. But after getting banned they had no choice but to move to another application that shared the same features and interface.

UC Browser

We all had a built-in browser on our phone yet we all downloaded the UC Browser applications especially from the play store and app store just because it was more fun to use. UC browser has many features over the normal browser and it helped people scrolling pages with a much faster pace. Even the download part was very good where we got the option to speed up our downloads. Some websites that took a very long time to respond, here on UC Browser responded very quickly but sadly this application has its parent company from China and thus it got removed from the Indian market.


Wechat was a popular chatting application that has a lot of downloads. During the initial time when this application was launched, they provided users with many offers to earn money and this is what made it very famous and due to this offer, many people shared it with their friends and family to earn money. But sadly in the last time before getting removed this application was already removed by the users from their phones as they stopped giving them offers. 


Whenever we wanted to share anything with others, people always asked if you have a shareit application or not? Shareit was one of the most common applications used for sharing files from one device to another. You could ever share your files from your smartphone to your computer or laptop without even connecting them through a data cable. You can see this application on every other mobile device in India. This application was even able to share files from Apple devices to android devices and this is another reason why it was so popular with people. But sadly due to the Chinese connection. It is now banned in India and there is no such matching alternative yet for this application.







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