My Days Of Struggle With Maths

Maths has always been a nightmare for me and was ready to engulf me by the time I entered class 10. The difficulty increased by manifolds and I had started to realise that I am lagging behind in the subject. The concepts and formulas used to fly over my head and gradually became a matter of grave concern for me.I had started observing symptoms of Dyscalculia in me which is a specific learning disability in math. Anybody with dyscalculia finds it difficult to understand number-related concepts or in using symbols or functions needed for success in mathematics. Dyscalculia is a common learning issue that impacts the ability of a student especially kids to do maths.

The most dipping point of the period

I eventually became the lowest scorer of the subject in the entire class. The maths formulas for class 12 were the worst part of the subject which made me avoid it the most. I never had any clue on whatever the teacher used to write on the blackboards. My ability to solve even the simplest of the problems had completely vanished and my name became common in the list of the weak students.

The lines of dread of my being unable to clarify the subject could easily be seen on the faces of my teachers and my parents. The difficulty of mathematics had made me turn my face towards other subjects.

Concerns of my parents and the teachers

My parents were finding it rather hard to kindle that fire of mathematics in me. They sat with the concerned teachers for hours and hours discussing my difficulty. I had become a matter of discussion for teachers in the staff room. Many of them actually took it seriously to drag me out of the situation.

Assistance in brushing up the basics

I was getting assisted by a few of my teachers for the same. They started with the basics and kept a bird’s eye view on my performances. The teachers used to provide me with the hand made flashcards on maths formulas for class 12 and the printed theory notes for practice. The basics had to be cleared which became a nightmare for me because of my own negligence which generally includes counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as the basics of every math operation.

The surge of interest

This part was easy and so I did it with great interest. Within a few days of practising such mathematical operations, I had started enjoying it and could be spotted sitting in the classroom solving them. The concerned teachers knew when and how to increase the difficulty level to keep me stay stuck to it without losing interest. From basics, I smoothly moved to solving the solved example question followed by memorising the formulas.

Difficulty started to fold

Concepts had now started to unfold in front of me. I could now perform a few intricate problems based on the practised examples. Within a few months of diligent practice, I had improved a lot in the subject. I no more struggled with the notes of the teacher which used to take days to decode.

I fell in love with it

I am now pursuing my masters in the subject from the most reputed university of the country. The entire credit goes to the teachers who stood with me during the turmoils I was combating with. I now know the importance of mathematics in our daily lives.






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