Tips To Get More Free Coins In Golf Clash Boss

In any game that you play online or offline, there is some kind of in-game currency that can help you in buying game stuff and upgrading your skills and performance in the game. A similar thing is present in Golf Clash Boss Game in the form of game coins that can help you in buying many in-game things and upgrade your gaming experiences. The coin collection method in this game is very hard and this is why some people find it really difficult to play this game and they end up quitting the game in between. There are some advanced coin farming methods in this game that can bring lots of coins for you but if you are new to this game you might find it really difficult but there is no need to worry as there are some easy and free tips for you to collect free coins in the game while you learn how to play the game. Some basic ways of earning coins in the game are listed below.

Game Chests

One of the best easy-to-learn free coins is through the free chests that you get after selective hours in the game. There are different kinds of chests in the game that can bring lots of coins for you and you need to be consistent with opening those chests after some hours to upgrade your clubs and other game things. There are some chests that open up regularly when you play and win games; these chests are known as tour chests. The reward that you get from these chests improves with time as you advance through games and move further ahead in your tour. You will even get pin chests as you grow in this game by playing more and more games.

Free Ads

Free ads are also a great source of free coins for the users who are new to this game and who need easy coins. Every ad will bring you 50 coins and the ads pop up very frequently in the game allowing users to grab more and more coins without even playing any game. These 50 coins are very good for a new player who just started with this game but a player who is already in higher tours may not be satisfied with these coins as the level demands more coins for upgrading. You need to log in to your game regularly after some hours to claim these 50 coins.

Weekly Coins

The game offers weekly tournaments to the users every week where players can qualify for the tournament on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Qualifying for the tournament is easy as you have three chances to beat your opponent who will be of your grade only and once you have qualified, at the end of the tournament you are going to get large amounts of game coins. These game coins are largely used by plates in every level and tour. 

Gifts From Your Friends

Another great way of earning free coins is by asking your friends of the game to send your gifts from where you can get free coins every day. Although for getting a lot of coins by using the simple method you need a lot of friends in the game who regularly come online to play the game. For this, you can take the help of Facebook groups where you will find many new friends and if you manage your friends well, you can assure at least 5000 coins every day.






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