A life of adventure

My name is Chris Martin and I am a travel blogger from Australia. I have been travelling around the world for more than a decade now. 

Recently during my trip to Indonesia, I came across a group of teenage travelers. These were students who travel the world for the projects. They are a rare kind of traveller. I haven’t come across such travellers in my entire life.

Seeing this teenage travellers made me think deep about my own travels and the lifestyle I follow. There was a time when I wondered how travellers live their life. I used to find it very fascinating. I used to wonder how they afford to travel so much. I even thought that all travellers are born rich. That was before I started travelling myself.

I started with trips to Asia. I visited almost all the countries in Asia. I came to see some places twice. There is something about this lifestyle that makes me feel alive. I feel like I was destined to be a Traveller. I spent most of my days on the road, talking to strangers and fellow travellers. It’s a nice feeling – meeting new people and sharing stories.

From spending days in the Himalayan caves to spending nights in the hospitality of Sherpas, I have done it all. I remember having spent a month with a Sherpa family in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was extremely cold and I was lost and injured. That was when I met Dorji. He was generous enough to shelter me and take care of me till I got better. 

I remember having read Harry Potter series to his children every night, sitting in front of the halogen heater I had brought. I searched for it on the Internet, read reviews from halogenhub.com and ordered it for them. They were so excited to have the heater and my company. This is the best thing you can from your travels – the love and kindness from people you meet.

On another trip, I had the experience of living a village life. This was on my trip to the Lakshadweep Islands. It was my fourth day on the island when I met Murali. He was a fisherman who also worked as a tour guide from time to time. I met him through a mutual friend. He insisted that I stay with him and get the authentic feel of a typical village life in the island. I was interested in this endeavour and so I stayed for a couple of days.

In those two days, I had learned to cook a typical village style chicken meal. I also got the opportunity to go snorkeling. It was a different experience, something I had never felt before.

These are some of the things that you get from a life of travel. You meet new people, make new friends, and take lots of interesting memories to cherish forever. Think of the moments when you get to share these stories with your grandchildren. Wouldn’t a travel-filled lifestyle be worth it then?






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