Comic Books Mania!

So, what’s with the outrageous craze of comic books? I mean I have seen people go mad about comic books and arguing about their characters and their powers..I mean sure,comic books might be interesting but what is so special that people are ready to spend a bomb on comics and their different types of editions? 

So, me and my curious mind just could not comprehend the increasing rage of comics, so we(I refer to my mind as another person..just don’t ask why) decided to dig into the so called ‘hobby’ of reading and collecting comics…to make things more interesting, I proposed my sister to take a part in this experiment, to which she agreed..we started with Marvel comics..we started reading seemed very weird at first but then we continued reading just in the interest of the experiment.

We read about twenty comics each..after reading the comics, we came to a conclusion- COMICS MAKE NO SENSE! I mean we just couldn’t get it that why people read this thing and well..discuss about it. Then on wards, we started discussing that how Thor’s hammer needed special powers to lift it whereas my sister configured that it was the super strength of Thor that made him lift the hammer..we kept on arguing about the same topic for about three hours and finally, we couldn’t land up on a solution.

We came up to a solution that we will re-read the comics and read the comics of the further editions just to solve our we read on, things kept getting interesting..we further indulged in even more arguments according to how we interpreted the comics..we were unable to land on a conclusion..on the other hand, while arguing my brother eavesdropped on us(I mean, what manners)..he was dumbstruck to hear us arguing over..COMICS!

My brother is a huge fan of comics..he loved collecting and reading comics in his spare time(my mom had to keep constant checks on him when he was a kid-he had the habit of reading comics in the middle of studying..what an idiot!)..we always criticized this habit and even made fun of him..but when he heard us discussing about the very similar things we made fun of, he sarcastically remarked that we were hypocrites(umm..I hate to agree, but yes we were proved to be hypocrites).

So, when we offered him to go comic book shopping with us, he readily agreed..he made us buy the comics suitable for beginners..basically the comics that builds a lot of interest and aren’t too complicated..he made us buy about fifty comics each(talk about crazy)..and how could he leave us without a bribe? He made us buy the latest comics which were missing from his collection(what a pest..ugh!).

My sister and I folded the comics and put them in our bags..which made every guy in the store yell at us as if were murdering brother yelled that I could not mistreat comics like that..I need to keep them ‘with love’. My sister and I both looked at each other in could we possibly store them? Do we even have enough space? So my brother told me about told us that it is very important that comics should be well-kept and respected..we rolled our eyes and accepted that after all, my brother is good at at least something! (Sarcasm runs in our blood, you see)






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