How Neck Hammock Helps In Cervical Traction?

Many of you might not know about the benefits of using hammocks and how useful they can be if you are dealing with issues like Insomnia, stress or anxiety, and muscle aches. But people who are dealing with constant neck pains can also use the neck hammock to lower their neck pain. Neck pains are very common with working people who work constantly in front of the screens in their 9-5 jobs. Cervical issues arise due to our sitting posture and how we keep our necks throughout the day. For treating patients who are dealing with cervical, Cervical Traction is used.

What Is Cervical Traction?

Cervical traction is basically an extravagant sounding clinical term for a straightforward interaction – the act of delicately pulling your head away from your shoulders to extend the muscles in your neck and upper back and to make space between your vertebrae. There are different approaches to accomplish this development, including: 

Manual cervical traction – Generally performed by an actual advisor, who utilizes their hands to apply a delicate and supported pulling movement on the head while the customer lays on their back or stomach. The specialist will commonly pull, at that point release, and afterward rehash. 

Mechanical cervical traction – The development is by and large additionally worked with by an actual specialist, who will fit the customer’s head and neck into a saddle connected to a machine or pulley framework that draws the head away from the shoulders. 

Absurd cervical traction – Typically implied for use at home, where an individual will lie on the floor and position their head into a sling that runs over an entryway, making a comparative pulley framework that gives the drawing movement.

How Neck Hammock Can Help?

The neck hammock is portable and a very easy-to-purchase option for cervical traction therapy. If you have a very busy life schedule every day and if you are finding it hard to go to the therapist every day for a cervical traction procedure, then buying a neck hammock and installing it in your home is a very good option.

You can buy neck hammocks online from e-commerce websites and they are a reliable way to treat many neck issues at a very low cost. You need only 10-15 minutes of free time in your home, lie down on your floor and hang your neck in the hammock, the neck hammock can be installed easily on the doorknob, or on a pole, or on a post. The setup procedure is very easy and it takes very little time to start your mini treatment at home. Just makes sure the knob, people, or anything that you’re using to tie the neck hammock is sturdy and does not move, otherwise, it can be very uneasy for you to treat your neck.

As an overall guide, the Neck Hammock works best when the strap lies somewhere close to 2 and 4 inches over the surface. The higher the Neck Hammock is situated, the more prominent the stretch applied on the neck. We suggest beginning low and step by step increasing stature to the suitable level. Recall that the Neck Hammock ought to consistently feel better. If it begins to feel excruciating, you may have to lower the tallness.

Although it cannot replace the real physical therapy that you may get from a professional, it can be used as a very good addition to Cervical traction therapy.






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