Is Wine A Status Symbol?

Wine has been an exotic drink for people for ages. From the ancient period, people made wine by segregating and processing juices of various fruits. As time changed, some processes of making wine also changed but some tribes have inherited and managed to preserve the ancient wine-making process to date. Today. numerous well-known companies make exotic varieties of wine. 

Although there are a variety of wines, the basic process and ingredients are almost the same. But the pricing is decided by the age of the wine. Wine is made and stored in barrels for some time before it is packed in bottles. And it is believed that the older, the better. The price of wine also depends on the type of fruit and the quality of fruit that is used for winemaking.

The price of a bottle of wine normally ranges from $15 to $32. But, the price of an expensive bottle of wine might go from $3000 to $25000. You might be wondering about the difference in price value of the cheap wine and the expensive wine.

Does the expensive one taste better than the cheap one, or what is the quality difference? The answer is ‘YES’. Expensive wines are better in taste and quality than cheap ones. But, the difference is not much in comparison to the price difference.

If you are randomly given two glasses of wine with an expensive wine in one and an average wine in the other, you might not be able to find much taste difference between the two. So why is the price so high? The answer is “Brand Value”. Many companies do not manufacture wine on their own but sell wine from other manufacturers under their brand name. Their Brand Name is so popular worldwide that people easily purchase their product at a high price without much hesitation. This allowed these companies to label their wine as expensive. 

Today, buying expensive wine has become a status symbol for the rich. The rich class of people buys expensive wine for their parties to show off. There is a misinterpretation among them that expensive is exotic. But the fact is, you can easily buy a bottle of exotic wine for just around $20. However, we have to accept the fact that the poor cannot afford a bottle of expensive wine, so we can say that expensive wine is a status symbol.

If you are planning for your birthday party and want to share a glass of exotic wine with your friends, then I would suggest you do a bit of research on the Internet to find the best exotic wine. And, if it is a tiring job for you, then you can visit and find information on varieties of exotic wine with price tags. 

I hope you found some useful information from this post. Please let me know if you want more information on exotic wine. I would be glad to share more insights.

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