Pm Gramin Awas Yojana fulfills Shayam’s dream

Pm Gramin Awas Yojana has the audacious goal of satisfying ‘Jan Jan ka ye sapna, Sabka Ghar ho apna’. This is the goal of the scheme and is well on its path to fulfill it. It has created numerous pukka houses for the citizens of this country.

The scheme is thus justifying the slogan completely.

  • PMGAY or Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awas Yojana is a flagship programme in the interest of poor people of villages in India in order to provide them a better and facilitated Housing. 
  • The broad purpose of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to some of the weaker section of the society for them to upgrade or construct a house of respectable quality for their personal living.

For the same, I, with my other group members went to a village to inquire if people living there are aware of this scheme or not, or they are getting some benefits or not.

There we met a beneficiary ‘Shyam’, who is a farmer. We asked him about this scheme and he described it thoroughly. Following the conversation we queried whether he has a house or has he applied for the same? He did not answer us, but just took us to his house and showed us everything. He now because of this scheme has a house with all facilities like proper toilet, electricity connection and gas connection. And he is very happy with that.

Then we tried to know how he got to know about this scheme. He gave a very simple reply and that was my son (13 years old, studying in 7 standard) told him about this and we also saw it on the TV.

He told us that earlier he was living in a small kuchaa hut. He did not think he could ever have a proper house with all the facilities like toilet etc. His family including his wife went to the common toilet in the open. There were troubles that they faced because of these poor living conditions. He said that he always thought that constructing a house was very expensive and therefore did not even consider it. He dreamt that may be one day my son would live in a proper house even if I can’t.

But then as he slowly got to know about the Pm gramin awas yojana scheme of the government and saw a few other neighbors getting their own houses under the scheme. He also tried to find out more and as he got to know more, he realized that may be with the use of his savings and the help of the government, he too will be able to build his own house with all the facilities and give his family a better life.  

Now that he has availed the benefit of this scheme, he is also making everyone else aware of the PMGAYscheme. He heartily thanks the Modi government for giving him a chance to fulfill his dreams.






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