Reasons Why Delhi Needs More Electric Rickshaws

Delhi is the capital of India and it is also the most populated city in Indian and the second most populated city in the world after Tokyo. So, for the immense population of the city, new means of transport should be there to support their movement and at the same time save more money and environment for the people. For the people of Delhi now electric rickshaws are the most used transport nowadays and their numbers are still increasing every day.

Electric rickshaws came as the replacement for the cycle rickshaws that were used to be the most seen vehicles near every locality. Now the owners of those cycle rickshaws are investing their money in electric rickshaws as they are more comfortable for them to drive and at the same time carry more passengers. Even though the cycle rickshaw price was much cheaper than the electric rickshaw, still they were outperformed due to several reasons.

Now, you won’t see many cycle rickshaws on the streets of Delhi but you are definitely going to witness a large number of electric rickshaws everywhere you go. But there is still a shortage of these rickshaws and there can be many reasons for bringing more rickshaws on the roads of Delhi. Some of them are listed here.

Bring Down The Pollution

If you live in Delhi, then you must know that Delhi’s air quality has gone down due to excessive vehicles on the road that emit smoke and due to many factories emitting smoke into the environment we live in. So, it is a good idea to employ more electric rickshaws that will not pollute the environment and people will be able to move easily without affecting their surroundings.

Can Travel At Faster Pace

As compared to the cycle rickshaws, you can travel at a faster pace with more comfort in an electric rickshaw. Moreover, the driver is now more comfortable as he does not have to cycle the rickshaw like before. Just pull the throttle and move ahead. You can travel greater distances at a relatively low time.

More Passengers At One Time

In an electric rickshaw, you can load more passengers in a single go, which makes it a very good option for the drivers to earn more money. Cycle rickshaws on the other hand can only load 2-3 people but electric rickshaws can load more than 6 people in a single time. So, overall the driver gets the benefit to earn more and people are able to travel more conveniently.

Pay Less, Travel More

If you are traveling by electric rickshaw then you do not have to pay large amounts of money as you did before in cycle rickshaws. Suppose you and your sister wanted to travel a certain distance, cycle-rickshaw would have demanded 50 rupees for the journey but for the same distance, you will pay 10 rupees per person. So, you covered the same distance at less cost.

The Population Is Still Rising

The population of Delhi is constantly growing and this is not because people are getting married and having more children. The main redone for this growth is the development in the private sector which attracts people from different states to come here and work. For the rising population who are mostly working class, we need more vehicles that can take them anywhere at a minimal cost. So, bringing more electric rickshaws can be a very good idea here.







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