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The fact that each of us has to use the basic arithmetical calculations frequently in our day to day life. And one must be quick and sharp enough to calculate how much a shopkeeper will handover back from a 100 dollar bill when you pay for few items that you bought. There may be complications in terms of the numbers of items with different price tags and discounts offered along with them. It’s easy for them to calculate as they mostly use the calculators of automated machines for accuracy. But do you think you can do it instantly with nothing other than the bag in the hand?

Something important

Yes, we can use the inbuilt calculator available in the phone but it is considered that calculators drain away our mental ability to play with the numbers. One should at least have the multiplication tables from 1 to 20 in the memory to reflect back at the spur of the movement. The is considered to be the basic of all the operations that we perform in maths.

Lets track the history down

We have been across ample situations in life where our multiplication table skills are tested. The history has many strange accounts and stories on the invention and uses of the multiplication tables.

It is said that the oldest known multiplication tables were used by the Babylonians about 4000 years ago in which they used a base of 60 .there are many other traces of the  oldest known tables in which a base of 10 were observed to be used.there are many other records seem to exist from the past and is still prevailing in the modern world.

It has always been important

We as a kid have always seen our parents emphasizing on the importance of multiplication tables. The schools are hell bent on making us byheart the multiplication tables from 1 to 20. They consider it the fundamentals to prosper ahead in mathematics which indeed is true. The multiplication tables are the base of the primary education in mathematics and its application can be seen in a wider spectrum. Every problem in maths is directly or  indirectly linked to the multiplication tables and test our memory with the ability to comprehend it as fast as possible.

Use it or lose it

The very first step to achieve success in maths is to get the better of the multiplication tables perfectly before entering the middle school. This will reduce the difficulty level in solving word problems in mathematics and will certainly ensure the accuracy of your end result with speed. This will not only increase your calculating speed but also the preciseness of the result.

It always helps

No matter how old you become and how far you get in life, memorizing the multiplication table will always be useful at every stage of your life.

If you are someone who forgot the tables mugged up during school days, it is never too late to start. Just start today. It won’t take more than a couple of days and will be retained in the mind if you revise it periodically.


Maths has always been a nightmare for me and was ready to engulf me by the time I entered class 10. The difficulty increased by manifolds and I had started to realise that I am lagging behind in the subject. The concepts and formulas used to fly over my head and gradually became a matter of grave concern for me.

I had started observing symptoms of Dyscalculia in me which is a specific learning disability in math. Anybody with dyscalculia finds it difficult to understand number-related concepts or in using symbols or functions needed for success in mathematics. Dyscalculia is a common learning issue that impacts the ability of a student especially kids to do maths.

The most dipping point of the period

I eventually became the lowest scorer of the subject in the entire class. The maths formulas for class 10 were the worst part of the subject which made me avoid it the most. I never had any clue on whatever the teacher used to write on the blackboards. My ability to solve even the simplest of the problems had completely vanished and my name became common in the list of the weak students.

The lines of dread of my being unable to clarify the subject could easily be seen on the faces of my teachers and my parents. The difficulty of mathematics had made me turn my face towards other subjects.

Concerns of my parents and the teachers

My parents were finding it rather hard to kindle that fire of mathematics in me. They sat with the concerned teachers for hours and hours discussing my difficulty. I had become a matter of discussion for teachers in the staff room. Many of them actually took it seriously to drag me out of the situation.

Assistance in brushing up the basics

I was getting assisted by a few of my teachers for the same. They started with the basics and kept a bird’s eye view on my performances. The teachers used to provide me with the hand made flashcards on maths formulas for class 10 and the printed theory notes for practice. The basics had to be cleared which became a nightmare for me because of my own negligence which generally includes counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as the basics of every math operation.

The surge of interest

This part was easy and so I did it with great interest. Within a few days of practising such mathematical operations, I had started enjoying it and could be spotted sitting in the classroom solving them. The concerned teachers knew when and how to increase the difficulty level to keep me stay stuck to it without losing interest. From basics, I smoothly moved to solving the solved example question followed by memorising the formulas.  

Difficulty started to fold

Concepts had now started to unfold in front of me. I could now perform a few intricate problems based on the practised examples. Within a few months of diligent practice, I had improved a lot in the subject. I no more struggled with the notes of the teacher which used to take days to decode.

I fell in love with it

I am now pursuing my masters in the subject from the most reputed university of the country. The entire credit goes to the teachers who stood with me during the turmoils I was combating with. I now know the importance of mathematics in our daily lives.


Change is the spice of life. The government too believes in the same and keeps rising up with new concepts and reformations. GST is the result of the same efforts. It indeed was tough for the people to assimilate it in the beginning but time proved to be a great teacher.

What exactly is it?

GST is an Indirect Tax which replaced many Indirect Taxes in India. The Goods and Service Tax Act was passed in the Parliament after a long healthy debate on 29th March 2017. The concept of GST came into effect on 1st July 2017.

In a nutshell, Goods And Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax levied at different rates on the supply of goods and services. With the advent of GST, many indirect tax laws that previously existed in India had to make their way out of the system.

It took so long to get there

The journey of GST commenced in the year 2000 when a committee was set up to deliberate on it and make laws. It took almost 17 years from then for the Law to completely evolve. In 2017, the GST Bill was finally passed in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. On 1st July 2017, the GST Law was implemented. This was completely new for the people and became a matter of consternation for small scale business owners.


Cons by the opposition

The launch of GST was executed at midnight on 1 July 2017 by the President of the Union, and the present Indian government. Though the session was attended by high-profile guests from the doyens of business and the stalwarts of the entertainment industry including the chairman of TATA group of industry, it was fully boycotted by the opposition due to the predicted problems concerning the middle-class Indians and the small businesses. The opposition came up with perfect rhyme and reason to defend their point on the implementation of GST.

Many small businessmen did face the difficulty of the new concept that made them rack their brain and destroyed its inertia. Many reforms in the concept kept coming up by the government to reduce the ill effect of the implementation.

Made easy by technology

Many companies created physical GST calculator and online GST calculator to ease the ill effects of the concept. A  physical GST calculator and online GST calculator can be used to calculate taxes on various items without going through piles of formulas and mind-numbing paper works.

The GST calculator in India will calculate the amount of GST included in a gross price as well as the amount you should add to a net price. It figures out a price of product including Goods and Service Tax and helps you ascertain either net or gross price of your product based on a percentage-based GST tax rate.

First to be on the list

Japan-based electronics company Casio has expanded its product portfolio in India with the launch of two new GST calculators in India. It was the first company to launch the GST calculator which eased the complexity of  GST calculation.

GST council and their members

GST Council is the governing body of GST having 33 members and is chaired by the Union Finance Minister. GST Council is an apex member committee to modify, reconcile or to procure any law or act or regulation pertaining to GST in India. The council is headed by the union finance minister with the assistance of the finance ministers of all the states of India.


There is always this thing about gamers. They want to keep improving their game constantly. While playing a game for a certain period of time makes you naturally improve the game, most beginner gamers get stuck at a certain level of the game and become frustrated. This article gives you the best tips that can help you become a better gamer.

1. Practice

One of the most common advice you are going to hear most of the time is that you need to keep practising to get better. There is no alternative to practice. My advice here is that you need to practice with an intention of learning. Try out different strategies and keep learning how you can integrate different tactics to improve your game.

2. Learn from others

This is a great way to learn and improve your game. You can find out a lot of tutorial videos on any kind of game on the internet. There are streaming platforms like Twitch where you can find pro gamers sharing their tactics for clearing the toughest levels in games. The best thing about these tactics is that you can also learn how to stream and build your own YouTube gaming channel or Twitch channel and get your own followers. Streamer On Fire is a platform that gives you followers and views. This is how you can learn to play a game and get your own followers.

3. Join gaming communities

Gaming communities are great places for learning and staying updated with the gaming industry. You can use these platforms for discussions and learning new strategies. Here you will find gamers from all over the world who share their best tips and tricks about the best online games in the world. Being on these platforms will help you improve your game.

4. Take breaks

As a gamer, you spend most part of your day with your gaming consoles. While practising consistently is really important to improve your game, you have to make sure that you give yourself enough breaks in between your gaming sessions. This is going to help you relax your nerves and make you ready for the next round.

5. Take care of your hygiene

There is a belief that online gamers are the people who get the least physical activity. Most gamers have a tendency to keep on munching something during the game. This is an unhealthy habit that can result in major illnesses if not controlled. Make sure to eat healthy food and get some physical activity daily. This will help you stay fit and active which in turn will make you a better gamer.

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The internet is a vast space. There are millions of websites on the internet today. The count is just growing by the day. You get a website for almost any kind of thing you want to learn or anything you want to get done. If you are still wondering what things you can do on the internet, this post is going to give you some perspective. Read on to find out the incredible things you can do on the internet for free.

1. Watch videos

There are tons of videos on the internet. You will find any kind of video you want to see on the internet. Some of the best places to watch videos on the internet are YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

2. Listen to music

There are tons of free music libraries on the internet. You can spend hours and hours listening to music on the internet. Some of the places where you get to hear the latest music on the internet are, and

3. Play games

There are online games of every type on the internet. You can find the games of your choice and spend your time playing them on the internet. You can play solo or join online groups of gamers like you.

4. Voice type

You can now type without using your fingers. There are online voice to text” platforms that let you type your spoken words. These “online voice to text” platforms record your voice and show the text on the screen as you speak.

5. Learn new recipes

There are tons of websites on the internet that teach you cooking. You can look for new recipes and learn how to cook them with the help of these websites.

6. Shop

The internet has made it really convenient to buy things without having to visit shops or stores. You can now shop for anything right from where you are. Some of the online portals for worldwide shopping are, and

7. Learn new courses

You can now learn new skills right from your home with the help of the internet. There are websites like which offer courses for almost anything.

8. Edit photos and videos

If you have a creative mind and love tinkering with photos and videos, you have a lot of websites on the internet that lets you do whatever you want with your photos and videos. You can use these sites to hone your skills and have fun at the same time.

9. Find a date

Whether it is a casual date you want or you are looking for a serious relationship, you can find your date online. Dating sites like, eHarmony and OkCupid can help you find your date.

So, that’s it. Those were some of the things you can do on the internet other than spending time on social networking sites.

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Life is for the brave and bold. This is the thing that keeps me going through the day and makes me feel a sense of responsibility for the things happening in my life. I am not one of those people who will tell you about the importance of being mentally strong and are themselves weak from the inside. I have always believed that winning in life is an inside job. This is what has made me share with you some tips on how you can become a winner in life just like I did.

1. Be a rebel

One of the things that keep you from reaching your optimum potential is your limited thinking. You may have difficult situations. That shouldn’t stop you from living that extraordinary life you always thought of living. Acceptance of defeat is the mother of constant failure. If you feel that the situation in your life is not what you want it to be, you need to take a stand and take things in your hand. Do not accept mediocrity. You are a great person when you think like one. It all starts in your head.

2. Take risks

Often people do not become winners because they hesitate from taking risks. Remember, the biggest risk in life is to not take risk at all. Every opportunity that comes your way has some risk involved. Sometimes it may also involve some financial need. Do not shy away from taking that risk. Do not think that it is not for you. You may sometimes have to take loans to finance an idea. Do not stop yourself there. Get the loan and take the risk. It might just be the best decision of your life.

For comparing quick loan apps in India, check this website.

3. Be humble

Humility is one of the vices that makes you a good human being. When you remain humble after you have acquired a lot of wealth, you become a true winner in life. So, when you really want to be a winner in life, you need to be a down-to-earth person irrespective of the position you are in.

4. Make the best use of opportunities

Everyone gets opportunities in life. It is only the winners who actually recognize the opportunities and make the best use of those opportunities. When you really want to be successful in life, you need to be able to grasp the opportunities that come your way and use them to the best of your ability.

5. Be an Influencer

One of the most satisfying feelings that you can get as a human being is when someone considers you as his/her role model. Being able to influence people’s lives and living a life which inspires others to be like you is incredible.

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One of the things that all my friends agree with is the fact that my dog is one of the best they have seen in their life. I have a Labrador, named Mickey. He is not just awesome, he is awesome to a whole new level. Here is why I love my dog and you too wouldn’t hold yourself back from doing the same.

1. He is a superhero

One of the best things I know about Mickey is that he is brave. He can go to any extent when it comes to saving the people or animal friends he loves. I got to know about this when I saw him for the very first time. It was the Christmas of 2017. I was excited to bring home my new dog from my cousin’s place.

They had a labrador squad and they were willing to give me one of the newborn labradors. While all the other puppies were hesitant in approaching me, I was really surprised to see one of the pups come up to me without any hesitation. That was when I saw his bravery for the first time.

On another instance, Mickey had saved a young girl from drowning. It was a picnic day. We were near a lake. There was this girl who had accidentally gotten into the lake. As she was shouting for help, I rushed to the spot. Mickey saw me running and understood what had to be done. He jumped into the lake and dragged the girl to safety.

2. He is a sweetheart

Mickey is the most compassionate dog I have seen in my life. On one occasion when one of my cousins accidentally hurt a squirrel with a baseball, he was the first to come to its rescue. While we were trying to help the poor animal with basic first aid, he was there licking the animal trying to help him recover from the shock.

I have never before seen an animal so compassionate about another animal. He is the best.

3. You don’t need a friend when you have him.

There are things that you can share only with your dog. Unlike humans, they will pay attention to you very eagerly and not judge you. Whenever I talk to Mickey, I always feel that he understands me. He is a friend I wouldn’t find in a human. I am sure you will feel the same way about him. There is so much I could tell you about him. But, let’s just say I don’t need another friend in the world when I have Mickey.

Labs are one of the best dog breeds you will find in India. They are not very expensive. Check dog prices in India to know the price of a Labrador dog. You will see that Labrador is not that expensive when compared to other dog prices in India.


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The city of Pune is home to some of the best tourist destinations in India. If you are someone who is new to the city or if you are a tourist here, there are a lot of places to explore in and near Pune. In this post, we have listed out the best destinations in Pune for a weekend visit. Check them out and make sure you visit these places on your weekends.

1. Purandar fort

This fort stands as a symbol of the bravery of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Located in the Western Ghats, this fort is one of the top tourist attractions in Pune. Thousands of visitors come to visit this fort every month.

2. National war museum

This is a place that can revive and strengthen feelings of patriotism in anyone. The museum was constructed in memory of the Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Kargil War.

3. Needle hole point

Located in Pune, this place is a viewpoint that gives you an amazing view of the Dhom Dam, the Krishna River and the Western Ghats. If you enjoy eagle’s eye viewpoint, you definitely should visit Needle hole point.

4. Bedse caves

These caves are located in Pune at Maval Taluka. There are two caves here – the Chaitya or prayer hall and the Vihara or the monastery. If you want to discover the beauty of the rock-cut monuments of the ancient Satavahana period, this is the place to visit.

5. Monkey point

Monkey Point is the highest point in Kasauli. One can get a mesmerising view of the Sutlej River and the city of Chandigarh from here.

6. Wai

This is one of the most famous temple towns near Pune. It serves as a stopover for people travelling to nearby hill stations.

7. Pawna lake

This is an ideal picnic spot located in the outskirts of Lonavala. The place is a true delight for the nature lover.

8. Lonavla

If you are looking for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life, Lonavala can be your go-to place. Located about 65 km away from Pune, Lonavla can be reached by road on train from Pune. You also have the option to get bike on rent in Pune to reach Lonavla.

9. Khandala

Khandala is the most easily accessible places for hiking near cities like Pune and Mumbai. It serves as an amazing destination for nature lovers.

These were some of the most beautiful places you can visit during your weekend. If you are a working guy like me living in Pune, the best thing you can do to move around the city is to find a bike on rent in Pune. Believe me, there’s nothing better than exploring a city on a bike.

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